Hey K-k-k-Katie


I just walked in the door from school but have to jet, like, NOW for a sorority adviser meeting, BUT I just have to say that I got the most unexpected surprise when I got here and I am absolutely FLOORED.


TOTALLY forgot what incoming freshies are like at the beginning of the school year aka crazy.

I go back to school tomorrow


la la la I had a meeting scheduled with my AP today but she called in sick and neglected to tell me so I drove across the city for nothingggggg la la la.

Oh this is wonderful!

I was at school for a meeting (ick), but afterwards my AP pulled me aside to show me my freshmen’s reading/writing testing data from last year. 


And many—like a lot a lot—jumped up two or more grade levels.

I started crying (kind of embarrassing, right?), but I could not not NOT be a shred more proud of them.

I’m at a two day PD conference two hours away from home

And Justin surprised me this morning with a stay at a really fancy hotel for tonight so I don’t have to drive! Business trip :)

I got my course schedule:

3 sections English 12
1 section Yearbook (huh?)
1 section English 9 (huuuuuh?)

This is weird, but it’s one less section than I had last year (although one more prep) so that’s good. I am a little confused about why all of the seniors are crammed into 3 sections (they were in 4 last year) and why I was given an English 9 section AND why there’s not an AP section because I KNOW there was a group of students that petitioned for/signed up for AP.* I’m also wondering how Yearbook is going to be a class this year because (a) we have no cameras, (b) our computer access during the day is TREMENDOUSLY limited, and (c) they way my school is set up, I know this is only going to be a senior elective and there were absolutely NO juniors on the Yearbook last year… what about all of the students that did all of the work in the club? Now they’re excluded?

So I called the school to get some clarification and WEIRD all of my admin are on vaycay with no mention as to when they’ll be back. 

Oh well!

*my principal does not believe that AP classes help students prepare for/get into college. He claims he has “inside information” that we do not have. There are no AP courses listed anywhere on the course schedule for next year, even though the juniors wanted them.

I’m spending this gorgeous Saturday painting furniture. If I can’t have a house (yet!), at least my apartment will be adorable :)

Hey I like, walked a half marathon (almost)!
You guys who have completed one are baller. 
(although I’m thinking about signing up for an upcoming one in October—and FOR REAL doing it!)

Hey I like, walked a half marathon (almost)!

You guys who have completed one are baller. 

(although I’m thinking about signing up for an upcoming one in October—and FOR REAL doing it!)

"You’ll be fine. You’re 25. Feeling unsure and lost is part of your path. Don’t avoid it. See what those feelings are showing you and use it. Take a breath. You’ll be okay. Even if you don’t feel okay all the time."
— Louis CK  (via emilyh0pe)